Breathing Under Water  (published in 2017)

‘Katherine Crocker’s poems are founded in reality: the reality of the material – stone and water – and the reality of imaginative experience. What they show is how these two faces of reality come together to make art: that in fact this is what art is. The poems carry total conviction and compulsion.’         Bernard O’Donoghue

‘Katherine Crocker’s poems are intricately written, tender and moving. She observes the world with a keen eye. Each piece suggests a universe and narrative of its own. Read it in one sitting and be mesmerised. Then read it again.’  Abi Curtis

Katherine’s poems are observations of states of water and relationships to it. ‘Fluidity needs form’, she persuades me – to quote one of the poems. The very concept of the collection is as seductive as its contents are intriguing. An enjoyable book.                                                                                             Sam Smith, The Journal No 52, Autumn 2017

This is a reflective, artistically motivated collection which draws largely from sea-imagery, travel memoirs and personal reminiscence to sensitively recreate, through a series of seemingly disparate vignettes and word pictures, a composite tapestry of poems. There is something of the watercolour artist about Katherine’s work in this pleasing collection of poetry.                                                 Bernard M Jackson, Reach Poetry No 229, October 2017


Long Exposure at Cordoba (published in 2012)

This superb first collection by Katherine Crocker won first prize in the Indigo Dreams Collection Competition in 2010. Some of these poems have previously been published in UK poetry magazines such as Acumen, Ambit and The Rialto.

“Don’t wait as long as I did to sit down with this book. Crocker writes that she is relatively new to poetry and in a way this is reflected in her fresh voice. Her musical background is evident in her attention to pacing and flow. She does not rhyme, but her poems have a wonderful rhythm which elevates them from vertical prose. This book is about travel, and loss, moving on, and rediscovering joy; and recognizing our shared humanity.”                                                                                           Rose Drew, Dream Catcher & Stairwell Books

“Katherine Crocker is not afraid to engage the reader in an enterprise that is in the best sense dramatic, and she does not disappoint. These are strong and incisive poems which derive their emotional traction from well-registered visual and tactile experience. A wide-ranging, distinctive, and extremely good first collection.
Peter Bennet, Other Poetry & Bloodaxe

I greatly enjoyed reading this collection. It was very fine, and Lilacs, in particular, will stay with me.
Peter Hobbs, Faber & Faber

This debut collection is never less than interesting and the best poems far exceed that. My favourites are about flowers. I love the poem about lilacs, the way their perfume drenches the air after the rain. Katherine Crocker brought them into my house, and here they are still.
Helena Nelson, Ambit

“Katherine draws beautifully on mythological characters, eg Daphne, Orpheus and Euridice … and her work is vivid, colourful and full of movement. I admired a great deal about all these poems.”
R G Felton, South

“Long Exposure at Cordoba is the best book I’ve read this year. It is colourful, confident, international and different … the beautiful illustrations enhance rather than detract.”
Will Kemp, Cinnamon Press

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